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Julie is a radical feminist campaigner who has been active in the global campaign to end violence towards women and children since 1979. She has written, and spoken, extensively on rape, domestic violence, sexually motivated murder, prostitution and trafficking, child sexual exploitation, stalking, and the rise of religious fundamentalism and its harm to women and girls.


abolition of the sex trade


Pimping of Prostitution

Below is footage from the Pimping of Prostitution: abolishing the sex work myth book launch and panel from Conway Hall, 11th October 2017.

Julie here outlines the key themes of her book and shares details of her extraordinary journey travelling the world to uncover the truth about the sex trade. She is joined by a panel discussing the most effective methods to abolish the system of prostitution. Panel includes: Sex trade survivors Bridget Perrier, Indigenous Canadian abolitionist; Sabrinna Valisce, former 'sex worker's rights' campaigner, from Australia/New Zealand; and Vednita Carter, founder of 'Breaking Free' in the USA. Chaired by the broadcaster and cultural commentator Samira Ahmed. 


Other abolition talks...


the Pimping of prostitution at The Forum on Women, Religion, Violence, and Power

With Rachel Moran and Karin Ryan.


Feminist Festival, Norway 2015

Julie Bindel speaks about her work against the global sex industry.

Should prostitution be legalised in the UK?

VOR London's Daniel Cinna asks a panel of guests, including feminist and writer Julie Bindel, porn star Jonny Anglais, English Collective of Prostitutes representative Sarah Walker and professor Roger Matthews at the University of Kent about whether prostitution should be legalized in the UK.

Sex workers protest against author 'Julie Bindel' of the guide is biased

Sex workers and supporters protested outside the launch of an allegedly biased and inaccurate guide for journalists on prostitution and trafficking.


rape, sexual violence and child sexual abuse

The Newstatesman Debate at the Cambridge Literary Festival - April 2018

Julie speaks about men, privilege and oppression  

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Juries have no place at rape trials – victims deserve unprejudiced justice

Almost a decade ago I wrote that rape might as well be legal. I feel the same way today. In 2013-14 in England and Wales, about 16,000 rapes were recorded by police, but only a third of these cases were sent to the Crown Prosecution Service. Approximately 15% of the recorded offences resulted in a charge. The actual attrition rate – meaning from reporting to conviction – is estimated at about 6%.

I wrote the first ever piece about the grooming gang scandal in northern English towns in 2006 – but the media didn't want to know

Reading the publicity on the three-part TV drama, Three Girls, based on the true story of the teenage victims of organised child abusers in Rochdale, I am reminded not just of the bravery and tenacity of those involved in exposing the levels of organised child abuse in the UK, but also of the cowards and the deniers who for so long refused to accept the harm being done to children by violent exploiters.


lesbian feminism

Milo Yiannopoulos vs. Julie Bindel at the university of michigan

Milo Yiannopoulos and Julie Bindel debate modern feminism and free speech.

Lee Lakeman 

Lee Lakeman and Julie Bindel discuss feminism and violence against women

'Not the Fun Kind'

Julie Bindel on 'Authentic Andrea & the Demonisation of Dworkin' and Rachel Moran on 'The Myths of Prostitution'. Followed by discussion. Chaired by Dr Liz Bradbury, ARU. 


BBC: :Lefties - Angry Wimmin

In this three-part series, Vanessa Engle revisits the turbulent era when the extreme Left was a serious and significant political force that believed it could change the world for the better.


"The De-Radicalization of Lesbianism" at FemiFest 2014

Julie Bindel, Guardian columinst and radical lesbian feminist, talks about the history of gay/lesbian politics, and how lesbianism has been de-radicalized and de-politicized. FemiFest2014 in London, UK.

Late Night Woman's Hour: Activism, Woman's Hour - BBC Radio 4

Lauren talks to leading female activists about the joys and tough choices of campaigning.


where have all the radicals gone?

Has the gay rights movement lost its edge? Radical journalist and feminist Julie Bindel reveals how the struggle against oppression lost its way.

After Equalty: Where is feminism going?

Equality is usually seen as the goal of feminism. Yet with women more than a third more likely to go to university than men, and with more female entrants to medicine and law, does this limit the horizon? Should we be championing difference rather than equality? Or is this a dangerous heresy that threatens progress?

David Aaronovitch, Julie Bindel, Beatrix Campbell. Carla Buzasi hosts.


Julie Bindel interviews Kajsa Ekis Ekman (writer, journalist and activist)

Julie Bindel interviews Kajsa Ekis Ekman, author of 'Being and Being Bought', journalist and activist.


A Public conversation on surrogacy

With Julie Bindel, journalist, author, and human rights campaigner, and Jennifer Lahl, president and founder of the Center for Bioethics and Culture.


Julie Bindel interviews Jonathon Narducci (Film Director and Producer)

Julie Bindel interviews Jonathon Narducci on the issue of surrogacy.


Identity politics

'No Platforming, Misogyny and the Silencing of Radical Feminism

From ‘Thinking Differently: Feminists Questioning Gender Politics’, a one-day conference held at Conway Hall, London, UK, on Saturday 16 July 2016.

On Identity Politics

Julie Bindel's remarks from the Battle of Ideas panel "The Personal Is Political: Is Identity Politics Eating Itself?"

trigger warning

Julie Bindel's opening remarks at a panel discussion hosted by the Manchester Free Speech Association at the University of Manchester on December 9, 2015.


The Science of Sex: Gender and Sexuality

We split the world into two sexes, even plants are seen as male and female. But does this distinction make for good science? Might evolutionary accounts of sexual difference be a human fiction? Is this a way to escape the constraints of gender or the blind pursuit of a mistaken political goal?

Rosalind Arden, Julie Bindel, Hilary Rose. David Malone hosts.

Real Men: Is the real man a fantasy?

Being a real man used to be about courage, grit, and determination. But in a metrosexual age of empathy and softness the story is getting blurred. Is the 'real man' a fantasy we should be pleased to see relegated to history along with Marlboro ads, or are these qualities that women still want and society needs?

Diane Abbott, Julie Bindel, Serena Kutchinsky, Rowan Pelling. Jamie Whyte hosts.




ISLAM OR FEMINISM: Which One Truly Liberates Women? Julie Bindel vs Zara Faris

Feminist writer, journalist and activist Julie Bindel debates MDI speaker, Zara Faris on the topic

On religion and secularism

Julie Bindel at the panel discussion on religion and secularism at the International Conference on Women's Rights, Sharia Law and Secularism in London 12 March 2011.

do communities ostracise people? 

We see community and society as good. Yet communities are also fortresses of privilege and conformity, as migrants know only too well. Is the tribe, from the football team to the nation, to be feared and contained? Or is finding our place in a larger group the core of what it is to be human?


Miscarriages of justice


'There will be no peace for me'

The brutal murder of a seven-year-old girl in 1992 is being reinvestigated thanks to a change in the law. But without the efforts of the victim's mother, the case might never have been reopened. Julie Bindel meets Sharon Henderson

'We want justice, not revenge'

Andrew Jones was a young lad killed by a punch after a night on the town. But his parents say it was marked down as a 'scum on scum' killing - and this complacency is why, 18  months on, his killer is still free. Julie Bindel reports


Mothers of prevention

Schoolgirls in Lancashire and Yorkshire are falling prey to sinister gangs of pimps. Two men have been sent to jail, but the girls’ mothers, not the police, are at the forefront of the crackdown. Why are the authorities so reluctant to get involved?

The real-life Swedish murder that inspired Stieg Larsson

Long before the books of Stieg Larsson and Henning Mankell shone a light on Sweden’s dark underbelly, there was the murder of Catrine da Costa. It's a case that continues to shock, baffle and divide the nation.