Julie writes primarily about male violence towards women and girls.  She also writes about food, popular culture, music, sexuality and the politics of gender, and religious fundamentalism.

Beginning as an opinion columnist mainly with the Guardian newspaper, Julie began writing in order to expose the issues that she was campaigning about. Julie's first investigative feature was published in the Guardian weekend magazine in July 2003, tackling the controversial issue of white, western female sex tourists paying for sex with young Black men in countries such as Jamaica (available to read here). This article was picked up by a number of journalists in the UK and other countries, and inspired a play at the Royal Court Theatre.

In 2007 Julie’s article - the very first in the mainstream national media- exposing the grooming gangs in northern towns in England, UK was published in the Sunday Times Magazine ('Mothers of prevention', The Times). This article led to The Times Newspaper commissioning one of its senior journalists, Andrew Norfolk, to conduct a lengthy investigation into child sexual exploitation and grooming gangs in the UK.

In her pursuit of exposing the myriad of ways in which men abuse and control women and girls, Julie has travelled to Dubai to report on a fake refuge for women and children in the desert; to Nevada to explore the reality of legalised prostitution; to Norway to explore anti-Semitism and the disappearing Jewish community; to Jordan and Lebanon to visit the largest refugee camp in the world, and to uncover the extent of prostitution, trafficking, rape, and other forms of violence towards the women and girls living under such conditions; to Israel, India, California, USA, to expose the surrogacy trade; Cambodia to conduct an undercover investigation into the breast milk trade; and numerous other countries around the globe to investigate abuse and exploitation.

Julie has spent a week with America's biggest pimp, Dennis Hof, researching the legal brothels of Nevada, witnessed an auction of women being sold into prostitution in a market in Sarajevo, Bosnia, and reported on a women only village in the Samburu desert of Kenya. She has met with Mafia bosses, tracked a number of unsolved murders, and had gun shoved in her face by a trafficker, and posed as an unhappy lapsed Christian and conflicted lesbian in order to access so-called "gay conversion therapy" in Denver, Colorado.

The light relief, Julie spent three days learning how to make whisky in Scotland, and has written about the resemblance between her dog Maisie and the late Princess Diana.


The guardian

A selection of Julie’s articles in The Guardian are featured below - the full list can be accessed here.


Why prostitution should never be legalised - Decriminalisation of the sex trade benefits pimps and brothel-owners, not women. Abolition is the only progressive solution

Booze is a joy - so stop criticising women for drinking - I love a whisky or a bottle of wine with dinner. Why the drip-feed of negativity and judgment towards women who like a drink? 

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The village where men are banned - Only women are allowed to live in Umoja. Julie Bindel visits the Kenyan village that began as a refuge for survivors of sexual violence – and discovers its inhabitants are thriving in the single-sex community


The truth behind America’s most famous gay-hate murder - Matthew Shepard’s horrific death at the hands of redneck homophobes shocked America and changed its laws. Now a different truth is emerging, but does it matter? 


The Montreal massacre: Canada's feminists remember - In 1989, a gunman killed 14 women students in Montreal. This week, Canadian feminists will remember an event that scarred the country – and strengthened their radicalism



What led Andrea Adams to kill herself at 18? - After a childhood in care, Andrea Adams was ill-equipped to fend for herself and quickly consumed by despair. But it was a catalogue of failures that led to her lonely death at 18

The truth about the porn industry - Gail Dines, the author of an explosive new book about the sex industry, on why pornography has never been a greater threat to our relationships


Dead bodies: People who find corpses and body parts - 'As I peered in the trash can I saw a severed head perched on a pile of rotting food'

Driven to kill - For 20 years campaigners have argued that women who kill violent partners are treated unfairly in the courts. As the law looks set to change, Julie Bindel reports on the cases of three women who snapped


The kiss of the black widow - A fortnight ago, Annie Trigwell died of natural causes. She was partway through serving a 17-year sentence for planning the brutal execution of her third husband. But her death leaves many questions unanswered. Was she actually the victim of an abusive marriage? Or was she a cold-blooded sociopath who had also killed her own son and a previous husband? 

Why is rape so easy to get away with? - Despite all the reforms to the police and courts, rape victims have only a tiny chance of seeing their attacker convicted. Julie Bindel investigates


'There will be no peace for me' - The brutal murder of a seven-year-old girl in 1992 is being reinvestigated thanks to a change in the law. But without the efforts of the victim's mother, the case might never have been reopened. Julie Bindel meets Sharon Henderson


The high price of robbing the rich - Joyti De-Laurey made investment bank Goldman Sachs a laughing stock when she was convicted of stealing millions from her bosses' personal accounts without them even noticing. But does her punishment really fit the crime? Julie Bindel met her in prison


standpoint magazine

A selection of Julie’s articles in Standpoint Magazine are featured below - the full list can be accessed here.


War on Logic - Despite being a feminist and human rights campaigner all my adult life, for the past 13 years I have been targeted by baying mobs, both in the UK and elsewhere, who accuse me of being a “bigot”, “fascist”, “as bad as Hitler”, and various other horrendous slurs against my character.


France, Islam, And The Second Class Sex - The feminist action group Femen made the headlines again last September. Two members, both topless, leapt on stage at a Muslim women’s fair in north-west Paris to protest against the presence of fundamentalist preachers who allegedly justify rape in marriage, and other human rights abuses against women in the name of Islam.




This Expat Paradise is a Woman’s Nightmare - Dubai, on the Gulf coast of the United Arab Emirates, can appear to be a dream come true to holidaymakers, with its golden beaches, seven-star hotels and luxury shopping. But for Afsana Lachaux, a British woman who moved to Dubai in 2010, that dream turned into a nightmare.


Women Come Last in Syrian Refugee Camps - Despite making up more than two-thirds of the people escaping the violence and oppression in Syria, women and children are as vulnerable as ever in refugee camps


Window Brothels Get the Red Light - Legalising prostitution hasn't prevented organised crime


Gangs, Girls and Grooming: The Truth - At Sheffield Crown Court throughout September and October, eight men sat in the dock accused of rape and other sexual crimes against four girls, three aged 13 and one 16. The case resulted in five being convicted and three acquitted. All of the eight defendants were Pakistani Muslims and the girls white British. Does this matter? Not for the reasons the British National Party would have us believe, but it is nonetheless significant. 



The full list of Julie's Truthdig articles can be found here.


An Example of Capitalism Literally Milking the Poor - In recent years, breast milk has become the only human secretion sold on the mainstream food and beverage market.

The Dirty Secrets of the Global Hair Trade - Human-hair brokers draw their supplies from economically disadvantaged women around the world.


Dressing Up Human Trafficking in a Bridal Gown - It is estimated that 15,000 women a yearenter the U.S. via international dating agencies. Julie Bindel investigates


New statesman

The full list of Julie's New Statesman articles can be found here.


Inside the tiny village in Gujarat riven by the sex trade - Wadia is notorious as a place where men get rich from the sexual exploitation of women.


Cannabis in Colorado: The ups and downs of legalising highs - With more cannabis shops than branches of Starbucks and further liberalisation to come - why hasn't the trade in legal marijuana decreased the number of dealers on the street in Colorado?

There's no gay gene – and I love the idea I chose to be a lesbian - If I had a piece of North Face clothing for every time a straight woman has said to me, “I wish I were a lesbian, but I just don’t fancy women” I would be able to open a Dyke Wear Emporium.


Meet the middle-aged women who are Britain's female sex tourists - When we picture a sex tourist, we usually think of a middle-aged man. But growing numbers of women are paying for a “holiday romance”.


In love with a death row dandy - What motivates a woman to marry a convicted killer and rapist? Julie Bindel finds uncomfortable race and class dynamics at play in the visiting rooms of US jails.


international business times

A selection of Julie’s articles in the IBT are featured below - the full list can be accessed here.



The full list of Julie's articles in the Independent can be found here.


If women's rights are human rights, why do such organisations push for the decriminalisation of prostitution? - The sex trade is the elevation of the free market economy over the female body. What are human rights organisations even thinking of, supporting such abominable practices?

The queer argument for the decriminalisation of prostitution and pimping just doesn’t stand up to scrutiny - Prostitution benefits men who wish to colonise women’s bodies, while being able to escape the shackles of compulsory heterosexuality is about personal freedom to define one’s own sexuality



Anne-Marie Ellement became the victim of bullying after she accused two Army colleagues of rape. Two years later she killed herself - Anne-Marie had dreamed of joining the Army since she was a teenager. So what went wrong in the Army for a woman who was proud to wear her uniform?


the spectator

The full list of Julie's Spectator articles can be found here. 




Julie has also conducted undercover research for local and national governments on the sex trade. For example 'Profitable Exploits: Lap Dancing in the UK' and Big Brothel: A survey of the off-street sex industry in London