Julie regularly voices her opinion on TV and Radio. A selection of appearances can be found below. For videos of events and talks that Julie has spoken at, please see the campaigning section here



Daily politics : Julie Bindel on women's sufferage and self id

Julie Bindel and Justine Greening discuss women's suffrage and the Gender Recognition Act

RT: Chris Hedges: On Contact

Julie Bindel, Author and Feminist Activist, discusses the international movement to legalize prostitution.

Sky News: Activist Julie Bindel On Jeremy Corbyn's Women-Only Train Carriage Proposal

Journalist and activist Julie Bindel calls women-only train carriages "old-fashioned and unworkable". 

The sky debate: is politics sexist?

Prime Minister's Questions has returned after the summer break; but is it really a boorish pantomime? The issue of sexism in politics is debated by Laura Bates, founder of the Everyday Sexism Campaign, broadcaster Matthew Stadlen, and the feminist author Julie Bindel.

sky news: trump is an ego-driven warmonger

Julie shares her views on Trump's efforts to intervene in Syria

Sky News: Were Jenni Murray's comments fair?

Julie and Jane Fan discuss Jenni Murray's recent comments on transgender women.



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Shelagh Forgarty LBC Julie Bindel
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Julie debates Vivien Walden on LBC where sparks flew from the offset

25th September 2017

Shelagh Fogarty presents

The real modern slavery: is there a 'sex worker' myth?

With Julie Bindel, Rachel Moran, Katy Balls, Paul Goodman, Tibor Fischer and Jake Hurfurt.

Presented by Lara Prendergast.

Julie's Spectator article can be read here

ABC - Debate over decriminalising sex work

1st December 2017

Julie debates the issues with Jules Kim, the CEO of the Scarlet Alliance which represents sex workers in Australia.


Hiding in Plain Sight: The life and crimes of Dr John Davies

This is the story of suspected baby trafficker, pimp, kidnapper, and major charity fraudster John Davies.
It is also the story of a world renowned academic, missionary, gold-hearted philanthropist, and expert in combatting trafficking in women and children.
Which of these two descriptions is true?
After an investigation lasting almost 20 years, Julie Bindel knows the answer. But will you believe her? Or might you prefer the version peddled by Davies and his supporters since the rumours began to circle back in the 1980s?

Read more at Byline

A Good Read: Eve Pollard and Julie Bindel

Harriett Gilbert discusses favourite books.

Prostitution zones, Friends and illness, Zero waste, Puppy farms, Woman's Hour - BBC Radio 4

Protected prostitution, friends and chronic illness, living waste free and farming puppies

Women, Equality and Islam, Woman's Hour - BBC Radio 4

Salma Yaqoob, Mirina Paananen, Sara Khan and Julie Bindel on Islam and equality for women.

Julie Bindel, 2012 Festival, Free Thinking - BBC Radio 3

Julie Bindel gives a talk arguing that sexuality is a choice at Free Thinking 2012.

Dubai rape case: 'This is gender apartheid, we should boycott the UAE', says feminist

Dubai is built on slavery and we should boycott the UAE and Dubai, says a leading journalist and feminist. A woman who was arrested for extra-marital sex in Dubai after telling police she had been raped by two British men has had all charges against her dropped.

Delhi stabbing: Murder of woman in broad daylight is 'nothing unusual' in India, says Julie Bindel

Renowned activist Julie Bindel has condemned the attack and murder of a young woman in broad daylight in India. A 21-year-old schoolteacher in the Burari district of Delhi named Karuna was dragged to the ground and stabbed 22 times by a man believed to be a jilted lover, while onlookers simply walked by.


The Guardian: Videos

Is not having children selfish? Far from it

The idea that all women want to be mothers is outdated and sexist, argues Julie Bindel. She says people who choose not to become parents are often seen as selfish, but that parents who give up on trying to change the world in order to have children and then only think about their own family receive no judgment

Women, face it: marriage can never be feminist

The institution of marriage has curtailed women’s freedom for centuries, says Julie Bindel. So why are so many feminists trying to reclaim the tradition as a subversive act? If you want to get married, she says, just get on with it - but please don’t pretend that being a feminist changes its meaning

Sorry, we can't ban everything that offends you

We are in danger of making censorship the standard response to anything that offends, argues Julie Bindel. Recent attempts to ban Donald Trump and pick-up artist Roosh V from the UK would have achieved nothing politically constructive, she says. Movements like civil rights and feminism made progress because they were able to hold people to account

I'm a lesbian, but I wasn't born this way

None of the science dedicated to finding a gay gene holds water, so why not make a positive choice to reject heterosexuality and decide to switch sides? Julie Bindel explains why she believes she chose her sexuality, rather than it having chosen her. But, she asks, have we returned to the essentialist notion that we are either 'born that way' or that we are unthinkingly heterosexual?