An open letter and petition, of which I am an author and signatory, to the so-called gay rights organisation Stonewall, was instigated by a group of lesbians and gay men who are increasingly worried about the failure of the organisation to listen to a range of voices in the bitter debate over transgender ideology. 

On the 19thOctober, the consultation on the Gender Recognition Act closes. Stonewall is lobbying hard for all medical and psychological intervention to be removed from the process of changing sex, which would allow men to self-identify as women, and vice versa. 

Lesbians have been the most vocal in the debate against current Orwellian transgender ideology, because we have the most to lose by conceding our sex-based rights. But Stonewall is leaving many of us behind.  

Our single request to Stonewall is that they “commit to fostering an atmosphere of respectful debate”. But Stonewall prohibits any discussion at all on vital differences of opinion on sex, gender and women’s rights. Discussions on a matter of public policy are routinely banned by an organisation in receipt of public funds.

In a statement released today, Stonewall says: “The petition … asks us to acknowledge that there is a conflict between trans rights and ‘sex-based women’s rights’. We do not and will not acknowledge this.” This says it all. 

Being lesbian, gay or bisexual is about sexual identity, whereas being transgender is not. Increasingly, LGB is incompatible with T, and the liberation and rights of gay people is being held back by the likes of Stonewall prioritising and promoting extreme transgender ideology. 

The capitulation to the misogynistic wing of the trans-activists is based on cowardice and hypocrisy. Terrified of the vitriol and threats that inevitably face those of us who speak out against self-identification, many organisations have decided to merely toe the line. This leaves lesbians out in the cold. 

The accepted definition of 'lesbian' is a biological woman who is sexually attracted to other biological women, and yet Stonewall's definition defines homosexuality as ‘attraction to the same gender'. What this means is those of us that refuse to accept a male-bodied transsexual as a woman are labelled a TERF and hounded on social media and beyond. 

I am certain that Stonewall, whose income last year amounted to £7 million, wishes to avoid the bullying and vitriol from trans activists, and therefore play safe. After all, it is easier to deprioritise lesbians – already the weakest link in the chain - than face the wrath of the new kids on the block.

Stonewall have appointed some trans folk as advisors that have clearly misogynistic views. Sarah Brown, a former Lib Dem councillor, is deputy chair of the Stonewall Trans Advisory Group (TAG). In 2014, when Brown lost her seat, she sent a message to the newly elected councillor telling him to, “Suck my formaldehyde pickled balls.” Brown has written things about me too gross and upsetting to publish here, but this vile, sexist bullying has clearly gone unnoticed by Stonewall chief executive, Ruth Hunt, despite being repeatedly alerted to it. 

Aimee Challenor, who, until recently was the Greens’ equalities spokeswoman, is also a key member of the Stonewall Trans Advisory Group (TAG). Challenor stood down from the race to become the party’s deputy leader following the revelation that his father, David Challenor jailed for 22 years after being convicted of torturing and raping a 10-year-old girl, had served as Aimee’s election agent when he stood in the 2017 general election and in the local elections in May this year – after Challenor’s arrest. Challenor is the creator of a blocklist on Twitter, created to silence those (mainly women) deemed to be transphobic. One of the signatories of the letter to Stonewall is the singer Alison Moyet, who has given immense support to Stonewall over the years. Moyet’s concern about Stonewall’s direction was when she experienced a vicious ‘pile-on’ on Twitter for refusing to use the term ‘cis’ (meaning not trans) to describe her female status. 

Hear this Stonewall, increasing numbers of lesbians and gay men have had enough of your dictatorial tactics. The more you try to shut down the voices of those you are supposed to represent, the louder we will shout.